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The Julian Teaching Organization Advisory Board was formed in 2005 after June Burke made her transition. Saul Srour accepted June and Julian’s request that he assume the responsibility as the guardian of all the June and Julian material when she passed. Prior to her passing, June Burke, along with Julian and Saul had many conversations regarding forming an advisory board to assist Saul in his responsibilities. Shortly after June’s passing, The Julian Teachings Organization (JTO) was formed, with Saul as its leader, to preserve, protect and disseminate the Julian Teachings. Saul became both the Guardian of the Julian Teachings material and the leader of the JTO. An Advisory Board was formed. Its purpose was, and remains today, to advise and assist as requested by the Leader(s) of the JTO and the Guardian of  the June and  Julian material in matters related to the teachings. The Board is advisory in nature. Final decisions are made exclusively by the JTO Leader(s) and the Julian Teachings Guardian .

In the Spring of 2013, Saul passed the leadership of JTO to Camille Albrecht and Larry Scheer, who accepted the position as co-leaders. In addition, since its inception, there have been some changes in the membership of the Advisory Board.

The following information provides you background information about the current Julian Teachings Advisory Board members. You’ll see that we have a talented, experienced and motivated group to work with.

In an upcoming Julian Teachings website post and in the next issue of the ROL, we will share with your what accomplishments the Board has made since its inception and what our current plans are.

As always, we welcome your questions, comments and observations.Camille_Larry_Small

Love and Light,

Larry Scheer and Camille Albrecht



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  Saul Srour

Saul has been an active member of the Julian Community since 1976. He attended the second public lecture in NYC (1976) and he made learning and spreading the teachings of Reverend June K. Burke and the Seraphy Julian his life’s work. Julian confirmed that in this lifetime, as in many others, Saul was asked to work with June and Julian to spread Universal Spiritual Teachings. He accepted this responsibility with respect and honor. He has intimately come to know their vast teachings, and as such, Julian qualified Saul as a teacher of the Julian disciplines. In addition, Saul was privately tutored by June and Julian for many years in preparation for his role as the guardian of their teaching material after June’s transformation.

Saul was blessed to become very close to June Burke and her husband Bill. They often spent weekends, holidays and vacations together. He came to know June and Bill, and subsequently, Julian as beloved teachers and friends. This friendship spanned over 30 years of laughter and love. Over the many years of their association, Saul was instrumental in assisting June and Julian in many facets of their teachings including; publishing and distributing their books and booklets, facilitating most of the public lectures, coordinating taping and distributing materials from public lectures and TE, Magus and Development classes.

After June’s transition, Saul accepted June and Julian’s request that he assume the responsibility as the guardian of all the June and Julian material. This massive undertaking includes organizing, digitalizing & archiving the teachings. In addition, he works to spread the teachings and has established the website Saul also maintains and facilitates the daily email Healing List  ( and maintains the Ring Of Light newsletter list which further illustrates his commitment to being of service to our community and healing throughout the planet.


 Linda Scheer

I have a Bachelors in Business Administration; M.S. in Vocational Rehabilitation. I keep my California Teaching Credential current. I taught in the San Mateo County Office of Education Special Education Division as a Vocational Specialist for 17 years. In that career I developed a vocational training and placement program for students with severe disabilities. I began practicing Tai Chi in 1988 and started teaching the art in 1995.

I met Larry Scheer and other members of Sam Holland’s meditation group at Asilomar, California in February of 1982. I began attending Sam’s Monday night meditation group shortly after the meeting at Asilomar. I became acquainted with June and Julian at the first Julian workshop in California. Larry and Archie Mulvena arranged for June to come to California in October 1982. I studied the Transition Energy with Julian, Development with Julian, and Practical Magus with June and Julian. Larry and I were authorized by June and Julian to begin teaching Development classes in 1994 and Practical Magus in 1996. Over the years, Larry and I hosted June in our home when she came to California to do workshops. I currently teach Tai Chi classes full time throughout the Peninsula and South San Francisco Bay area in California. I have been on the Advisory Board since its inception, and I continue to assist Camille and Larry.



   Anne Claire Venemans

I have always had a mystical approach toward nature and life in general. I have used this perspective in my Mystical Jewelry since 1984. I met Sam Holland in 1994 and it didn’t take long for me to get introduced to and extremely interested in June and Julian’s precious teachings. I am a qualified teacher of TE and to teach Mystical Magus reviews. I also teach classes and workshops that work with the universal energies in a very practical way, making each workshop an exploration of self and your personal spiritual path. As you learn more about yourself, you will find it easier to gain greater balance in your life.

I have had the opportunity to be taught by Julian on the meaning of shapes and symbols, both in the energy seals Jul-ian gave, as well as in divination, which led me to develop the ‘Symbol Discs, an Ancient Shamanic Way to Gain Insight’.

I use all I have learned from June and Julian in the unique pieces of Mystical Jewelry I create. I draw personal Empowerment Mandalas. I co-authored “Sacred Spaces and their Universal Connection”, and twice a week I post in my blog ‘Thinking out Loud’.

I am interested in June and Julian’s precious teachings. I am a qualified teacher of TE and to teach Mystical Magus reviews. I also teach classes and workshops that work with the universal energies in a very practical way, making each workshop an exploration of self and your personal spiritual path. As you learn more about yourself, you will find it easier to gain greater balance in your life.


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    Nick Theo

My introduction to the Julian teachings occurred as an 18-year-old college student living in Virginia Beach. Since then, I studied all facets of the Julian teachings, and attended lectures and workshops Julian taught in New York, California, and other areas. In 1983, I joined the New York Development group of which I was member until June’s passing. In 1987, and for a number of years afterwards, June instructed me further on those Saturday evenings following a Development class. This period included working with Miriam Chandler on transcribing classes and putting together course material from the Julian books and lectures. In 1992, I taught the first Self-Discovery course in Virginia. One year later, I began teaching the Development class in Virginia that later bonded as the Atlantic Circle in 2003. In 1999, I met Frank Wharton, who since 1975, worked with Julian on soul astrology. Under Julian’s guidance, Frank taught Camille, Lynn Chandler, and me the soul astrology materials. Since Frank’s passing in late 2002, I continue the administration and ongoing research of the soul astrology material.

The lifelong friendships formed with June, Bill, Julian, and the rest of our community is of great value to me. We truly were blessed by what we witnessed. Today, I am a teacher of the Development and Self-Awareness classes as well as soul astrology.

I was raised in a household that had an association to the Cayce materials that most likely sustained my “awareness” of intuitive and elemental energies. There is a lifelong relationship with the A.R.E./Edgar Cayce Foundation and Atlantic University and its people. From this association, since my youth, I have the rare opportunity to meet with and know many of the authors, teachers, and thinkers of New Thought. At age 15, I began my study in astrology. In addition, my interests lie in Western mysticism, its associated history, and transpersonal psychology.

Professionally, my background is in operations and strategic management, which since 1999 is in the higher education industry. My undergraduate degree is in management and leadership with a focus on non-profit management. Currently, I am pursuing graduate work on adult education and digital learning.


  Denny Brown

I’m a relative newcomer to the Julian crowd and the most recent addition to the Advisory Board. Larry Scheer introduced me to June and Julian in the mid-90’s. Saul invited me to join the Advi-sory Board in 2009.

I was raised Catholic, attending a Catholic grade school in St. Paul, Minnesota. I graduated from Cretin High School, a boys, Catholic, military high school in 1964. I turned down an appointment to the Air Force Academy to enter a Catholic seminary. That lasted all of 6 months. I left the seminary, and effectively shed my Catholic indoctrination. I went on a “God fast” for a few years. The late 60’s and early 70’s were good for that kind of thing.

While at Stanford for grad school in Computer Science, I took a seminar called “Human Potential” led by Willis Harmon, who later founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences. That class reignited my interest in metaphysics and spirituality. For many years, I explored those topics on my own. I read things like the biographies of Edgar Cayce and books based on his readings. I taught myself self-hypnosis. I explored people like Dick Sutphen, a clinical hypnotherapist, who produced books and training materials on past life therapy and self-hypnosis.

From 1976-1981, I was Associate Chairman of the Computer Science Department at Stanford. I managed most of the teaching functions of the department, as well as many of the faculty committees. I developed and taught many of the undergraduate programming courses.

In 1982, I left academia to take a job with a startup company whose mission was to commercialize Expert Systems, a type of Artificial Intelligence software. I learned about the software business at Teknowledge and Coherent Thought. In 1990, I co-founded Expert Support with Jan Clayton and my wife, Jake Brown. Larry Scheer and I worked together at Expert Support for a few years before we discovered our mutual interest in metaphysics. It took a while before Larry introduced me to June and Julian at one of the west coast workshops in the mid-90s. In January 2006, Larry started teaching a Self Awareness class based on the original Development series. In late 2010, we completed that series and I am now certified by Larry to teach the Self-Awareness (aka Development) series of classes. I have not made the commitment to teach that class … yet.

Since late 2010, I have continued taking the rest of the Development series with Larry, starting with lesson 200.

I was invited to speak at the 12th Gathering in 2009 in Monterey. I led a session on “Inspiring Business: a Confluence of Spirit & Business”. Later that year, Saul invited me to join the Advisory board.

The energy I bring to the Advisory Board is expansive. I would like to see the Julian Community grow to be dramatically bigger (in terms of number of individuals exposed the the Julian Teachings), younger (in terms of the average age of community members), and more engaged (in terms of the way the community interacts with one another). I would like to see the Julian Teachings have greater impact on more people over the next 5 to 20 years.

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