Introducing our next presenter at the 19th Gathering of Light-Eleanor Johnson

Eleanor Johnson has been part of the original “NY Mother Group” (Development Class & Working Magus ) and has worked with the Julian materials almost 40 years. She  has been an Astrologer for over thirty-five years. A Tarot card reader for over twenty two years. June had Eleanor do Tarot card readings for her as well as Astrological readings. Eleanor…

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Adelle pic

Introducing our next presenters at the 19th Gathering of Light-Adele Lederman & Cindi Frank

Adele Lederman R.N.,M.S., has been involved in healing through nursing, Julian healing techniques, and counseling most of her adult life. Adele became a student of the Rev. June K. Burke and the Seraph, Julian in 1971. She was one of two instructed by Julian in what have been termed, The Julian Healing Techniques These healing practices are a preparation for…

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Angela pic

Introducing our next presenter at the 19th Gathering of Light -Angela Tarquini-Sanders

Angela has had a life-long commitment to spiritual growth and has been a student of the Julian Teachings since 2007.   In 2005 she left her consulting career as a Marketing and Communication Strategist to be at home full time with her family.  Angela has since founded Mindful Mindz, where she is able to share her passion for mindfulness and personal…

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Nick Theo

Introducing our next presenter at the 19th Gathering of Light – Nick Theo

Nick Theo has been involved with the Julian materials for more than 36 years. Raised with the Cayce materials, his interest in astrology started as a teenager. Over time, his interest in astrology evolved into a side vocation with a focus on research on the practical application of soul astrology. Since 1980, Nick has read charts professionally for individuals and…

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Camille Albrecht

19th Gathering of Light

We are proud and honored to have Camille, a co-leader of the Julian Community, presenting and channeling the Master Teacher, Aca’u. Camille Albrecht, LBSW, has over 35 years’ experience as a professional astrologer, kabbalist, medium and channel for master teachers, guides and angels. She is a channel for the Master Teacher, Aca’u, who shares his wisdom in private sessions, workshops…

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Magus Group

19th Gathering of Light hosted by Practical Working Magus group

The group hosting The 19th Gathering is pictured here. They have been studying the spiritual teachings of Julian with their teachers, Saul and Joy Srour (until Joy’s transition in 2007), for almost 11 years. The group began as a larger weekly meditation group. These six members continue to study and practice the Self Awareness Development course created by Julian. The…

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Seeds Symbol working

The 19th Gathering: Seeds of Light

November 4-6, 2016 Best Western Hotel, Kingston, NY The Magi of the Rising Sun (led by Saul Srour) is proud to host The 19th Gathering of Light in Kingston, New York. Since the very first Gathering of Light (in 1998), the weekend’s purpose is to bring those working with the Julian Teachings along with those walking similar spiritual paths together…

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Final Call for Registration and Welcome Information for the 18th Gathering of Light

August 4, 2015 Dear Friends, This is the last call for registration for The 18th Gathering of Light, October 2 – 4, 2015 in Muskegon, Michigan. If you are considering to attend, please complete the registration form http://julianteachings.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Flyer-Gathering-2015-V4.pdf and send it in quickly. It will be a wonderful weekend we’re sure you’ll enjoy. The Gathering is fast approaching and we…

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Two Final Introductions for The 18th Gathering of Light

Larry Scheer Larry Scheer has been practicing and teaching metaphysics his entire adult life. He has worked with the teachings of the Seraph Julian and June Burke for over 35 years. He is a Julian community leader in California. He shares the leadership  of the Julian Teachings organization with Camille Albrecht. He teaches the Development, Self Awareness, and Practical Magus…

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Pam Semelbauer

Meet Pam Semelbauer an Important Part of The 18th Gathering of Light