The Healing Circle

The Julian Teachings Healing Circle provides a way for members of the community and like minded individuals to request healing prayers for someone or something. Please feel free to invite anyone of like mind to join the Healing Circle.

Here’s how it works.

How to make a request for healing

If you want to make a request for healing, send an email message to

Once a day at approximately 5pm Eastern time, Saul collects the requests and creates an email message (called the Healing Message) containing the names of those for whom healing has been requested. He emails that message to the Healers List (see below).

The body of the email should contain a list of those who need healing, one per line. This will make it easy for Saul to cut and paste from your email into the daily Healing Message. You can use a person’s first name or full name or simply their initials. You can indicate a group of people (e.g. “victims of the Japanese earthquake”) or a situation (e.g. “the Japanese nuclear power containment problem”). If the prayer request is for a non-human, indicate that. (e.g. Blackie-canine.) If the person has passed to the spirit world, add an * (asterisk) to the name.


Here’s a simple example:

John Smith
Mary Smith
The Smith family

No further information is necessary on the email.

If the person has just passed, you might also include family members of the deceased person to the target list.

John Smith *
Mary Smith and family

If you want the person to be on Saul’s list on more than one day, please send another email each day.

How to get on the Healers List

If you’d like to get Saul’s daily email with the list of those who need healing, sign up below.

By signing up, all it takes is a few moments to send love and light to those who need it.

The following special healing affirmation was given to us by Julian.

See the power of the divine force begin to work with each individual, helping them in the manner that they are meant to be helped, at the rate of speed that they are meant to attain. And we ask only that what is right and perfect for them occur. And we accept that it is occurring and that the process has begun.

See them filled in light, bathed in light, open to the light. We know that they are in the process of the proper healing for them.

We give thanks for the healing which have already begun!!!!!

SO BE IT !!!!!

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