19th Gathering of Light

Camille AlbrechtWe are proud and honored to have Camille, a co-leader of the Julian Community, presenting and channeling the Master Teacher, Aca’u.

Camille Albrecht, LBSW, has over 35 years’ experience as a professional astrologer, kabbalist, medium and channel for master teachers, guides and angels. She is a channel for the Master Teacher, Aca’u, who shares his wisdom in private sessions, workshops and solstice and equinox messages available at http://camillealbrecht.com/ Camille has communicated extensively with those who have crossed over to the inner plane and is well versed in life after death. She has a rich history in spiritual studies and teaches classes throughout the country in self-development, astrology and metaphysics. She is a certified teacher of the Julian Studies including Self Development and Practical Magus. In 2013, Camille accepted the position of co-leader of the international Julian Teachings Organization. Camille resides in Whitehall, Michigan with her husband Richard Grescowle.

At The 19th Gathering of Light, Aca’u will present timely information on the energies unfolding and suggest the best ways to create success and happiness in these changing times.

We have many other Julian students presenting, which we will be announcing shortly. Please click on the link to download your registration form and mail with your deposit to hold your space.

Click here to download a brochure and registration form.

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