Introducing our next presenter at the 19th Gathering of Light – Nick Theo

Nick TheoNick Theo has been involved with the Julian materials for more than 36 years. Raised with the Cayce materials, his interest in astrology started as a teenager. Over time, his interest in astrology evolved into a side vocation with a focus on research on the practical application of soul astrology. Since 1980, Nick has read charts professionally for individuals and organizations. In 1998 he began learning soul astrology from Frank Wharton who worked with Julian since 1975 on an interpretive system of soul astrology. Since Frank’s passing in 2002, Nick continues the research and application of the Julian’s soul astrology materials. In addition, he regularly lectures and teaches students in the US, Europe and Asia. He is a contributor to Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.’s blog, writes an astrology column for the Canadian based Open Roads magazine, and his articles are regularly translated and distributed in China. Nick works in higher education and is a program manager for the UK based Alef Trust (

Nick will be presenting: Soul Astrology – The Astrology of Self-Discovery

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