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June Burke 1926-2005

Explore a vast treasure of wisdom contained in the teachings of Julian, an angel of the order of Seraphim. Julian was channeled through June K. Burke. These teachings combine metaphysics with practical, down-to-earth practices that lead to personal growth, spiritual insights, and an attitude that helps deal with the ups and downs of everyday life.

Imagine that you have answers to questions such as …

  • What can I do to find deep personal fulfillment and peace of mind?
  • What can I do to enrich myself, my community, and the world?
  • Where can I find information and guidance to help me evolve to higher awareness?
  • How can I contribute to improving the human condition?
  • How can I create more success in my life?
  • What is the next step in my personal spiritual development?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, you might be searching for what those of us in the Julian Teachings Organization have been working with for over 3o years: guidance and support in your quest for answers to these fundamental life questions.

We invite you to explore what’s here. Take your time, relax, and see if what you find on our website speaks to you. If it doesn’t, you have only lost a few minutes or hours of interesting reading. But if what you find here does speak to you, you might decide that you want to begin to work with the Julian Teachings.

  • Start with the About June & Julian page to learn about the source of the Julian Teachings, how they were originally delivered, and what we are doing to preserve and disseminate them.
  • Explore the Classes page to find out about the enormous collection of teaching material that is available.
  • Take a look at the Resources page to find books, audio, transcripts, and newsletters that you can absorb privately.

You will discover a multitude of topics ranging from the esoteric, metaphysical, and mystical, to the concrete, physical, and pragmatic. If you have studied other metaphysical teachings, you will probably find many areas in which the Julian Teachings agree, and some in which there seem to be differences. If you come from a specific spiritual tradition, be assured that you need not abandon those traditions. The Julian Teachings are complementary, often clarifying and expanding on what you already know. In some of the advanced classes, participants are encouraged to explore other traditions and incorporate their practices into their own personal development practice.

If the word “religion” turns you off, don’t worry. This community is not a religion. There is no dogma that you must believe in order to understand and appreciate the teachings.

Visit our News page for for current insights, coming events, and announcements. Please feel free to contact us in whatever way is most comfortable for you. You can leave comments on the News. Or send us email at info@julianteachings.org.


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