About June & Julian

About Reverend June K. Burke

June Portrait

Rev. June K. Burke – 1926-2005

June Burke was born in The Bronx and raised in La Grangeville, New York. June was a teacher, lecturer, author, grandmother, housewife, and a master of Kundalini Yoga. For over 35 years, she was a deep trance medium who channeled Julian, an angel of the order of Seraphim.

Julian’s impersonal and great love for humanity was evident the instant he began to speak through June. In addition, the degree of mobility achieved by June and Julian was remarkable and indicative of their care for each other and the joint work they accomplished over the many years that they worked together.

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June passed on February 8, 2005. She left explicit instructions about how the Julian Teachings should be preserved. Saul Srour was entrusted with the leadership of we now call the Julian Teachings Organization.

Julian, in his own words

I am a Seraph of the order of Seraphim, that which you would call “angelic force.” From the beginning of time, I have been a bridge between two worlds. I have never been in a physical body other than borrowed ones. In our varying energy patterns, angelic forces are given assignments, which they carry forth in the universe. My assignment has been to be a teacher of truth, a deliverer of God’s messages, and a deliverer of mankind through his own potential. Thus, from the beginning of time, I have been a bridge between the unseen world and the seen. I have watched cultures be born, come to fruition, and die. It is my job to try to know and understand the culture, and the vernacular of that culture, in order to help man to better his potential.

The angelic forces of the universe were created to be the friends and guardians of mankind and all creation. We have no desire other than to assist. Our fulfillment is in observing mankind’s growth and transition into higher planes. Each angelic force has its own particular assignment. Some deal with the plant and nature world, others with the animal kingdom. There is no thing of God’s creation in the earth that does not have a guardian force that is overseeing its advancement within its own species. It is meant to be that all things evolve.

Through the tapes and books, I will lead you toward a greater realization of your own actions. Understanding your thought patterns and inner fears will permit you to learn to release, grow, and find fulfillment. It will be my joy to be that guide.

So Be It!


About Julian’s Teachings

Julian’s teachings are rich in wisdom and speak to people from all walks of life. You’ll find fascinating information on a host of topics given in public workshops, books and in-depth studies. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a Seraph. You’ll discover teachings that resonate deeply with your inner Self. Great truths are contained here. The guidance, inspiration and direction you can receive from these teachings is like no other.

The following information about the teachings is available here:

Books by June Burke June has authored many books. Subjects include: self-discovery, creation, meditation, problem solving, and spiritual growth. Find out a bit more about her books and how to get them.
Workshops Over the years, June and Julian have taught over 150 classes on many subjects. Audios and transcripts of the teachings are available. See a list of those audios and transcripts  and how to order them.
Teachers June and Julian have taught all over the world and the teachers of Julian material continue to teach the classes that were developed by June. This page gives a list of those teachers and how to contact them.
Affirmations by Julian Julian is known for giving affirmations at each class or workshop. “There is a Divinity…” is an example affirmation. Enjoy.

About the Julian Teachings Organization

Vision Statement

The vision of The Julian Teachings organization is to encourage spiritual development and increase the awareness of individuals by enabling an experience of the metaphysical teachings of Reverend June K. Burke and the Seraph, Julian.  In doing so, the organization endeavors to preserve, promote, and disseminate the teachings with utmost respect. The Julian Teachings organization will continue for as long as it serves the purpose of aiding those who sincerely seek a higher level of consciousness.  It is our hope that a vibrant network of light grows internationally from the sparks of love, light, and life that have already been sown; a network that will encourage a healthful renewal and balance of the Earth itself and all humankind. For, we are dedicated to fostering peace and unity through the enlightenment of self, humanity, and the universe as a whole through partnership with the divine creative force.

Mission Statement

To fulfill this vision, the mission of The Julian Teachings Organization is threefold:

  • To provide a progressive, accessible vehicle for the awareness, study and practice of the teachings of Rev. June K. Burke and the Seraph, Julian
  • To provide a structure for sharing ideas and techniques
  • To encourage members to network with one another in the spirit of loving kindness and camaraderie

We will aid individuals and groups in their efforts to meet their full potential and live a balanced life by providing the lessons, tools, and processes necessary to accomplish these goals. Our work will be guided by the ethics, principles, and application of the teachings.

About Saul Srour

Saul Srour has been an active member of the Julian community since 1976. He’s made learning and spreading the teachings of Reverend June K. Burke and the Seraph Julian his life’s work. Julian confirmed that in this lifetime, as in many others, Saul was asked to work with June and Julian to spread the Universal Spiritual Teachings. He accepted this responsibility with respect and honor. He has intimately come to know their vast teachings, and as such, Julian certified Saul as a teacher of all the Julian disciplines. In addition, Saul was privately tutored by June and Julian for many years in preparation for his role as the guardian of their teaching material after June’s transition.

Saul was blessed to become very close to June Burke and her husband, Bill. They often spent weekends, holidays and vacations together. He came to know June and Bill, and Julian as beloved teachers and friends. This friendship spanned over 30 years of laughter and love. Over the many years of their association, Saul was instrumental in assisting June & Julian in many facets of their teachings including; publishing and distributing their books and booklets, facilitating the workshops, coordinating taping and distributing materials from public lectures and classes.

After June’s transition, Saul accepted June and Julian’s request that he assume the responsibility as the guardian of all the June and Julian material. This massive undertaking includes organizing, digitalizing & archiving the teachings. In addition, he works to spread the teachings and has established this website. Saul also maintains and facilitates the daily email Healing List, (healings7@gmail.com) which further illustrates his commitment to being of service to our community and healing throughout the planet.