Over the years, Julian delivered a series of formal classes through June. Most of the sessions were tape recorded, and many have been digitized. The teachings are now organized into the following classes. Each series of classes is aimed at those who are willing to dedicate time and energy in their personal path and their spiritual growth over an extended period of time.

In addition, June and Julian delivered a series of short workshops on specific topics to the general public. Many of these short events are available in audio  mp3 format, and some include pdf transcriptions. See Workshops for more info.

Julian teachers are individuals who have been authorized to deliver the formal classes. The Julian teachers page lists the current teachers, their locations, and the classes that they teach.

Self Development

In 1978, Julian began delivering a series of ongoing classes that later became known as the Self Development class, sometimes referred to as the Self Awareness class. Classes include written material, meditations and class discussion. The purpose of this study is to develop a deep awareness of the inner self and the self’s relationship to the universe. This awareness leads to bringing balance and wholeness to the self. From this space of balance and wholeness, a deep acceptance of one’s abilities and self worth is born. This is the foundation for expansion into comprehending our relationship with the universe and to cross beyond that universe into the Source Energy. And from here, all things are possible.

There are 237 sessions in the original Self Development series. Eventually, June and others realized that it was unlikely that new students of the material would want to work through all 237 sessions of the original Self Development series starting at the beginning. Under Julian’s direction, they developed a subset of the material targeted at new members of the community. The Self Development class is now a series of 7 units of 5 sessions each, 35 sessions total. Additional classes focused on applying the teachings in everyday life are available. To facilitate the growth of the individual, these classes are taught in a group environment.

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Transition Energy

In the early 1980s, after having experienced workshops and readings given by Julian, a small group of people asked Julian about ongoing classes. Julian’s response was that what they were after was called “Transition Energy” (TE). In 1982, Julian delivered the first of a series of 41 classes, each of which has two sessions. Each two session class is meant to be studied for a number of months in order for the student to receive the full benefit of the class.

TE is a mystical study that allows personal realizations to occur through the understanding of the unseen reality of the universe. To accomplish this, Julian gave a large number of meditations where each next meditation built upon the last one, effectively raising the frequency of the energies with each meditation within each class.

Every one of us is part of the universe, and with a growing understanding of the universal energies, so too will students of TE experience a growing understanding of their reality Selves, of their core being, as well as their unique potential and unique path in life. Even though taking the TE results in an intensely personal experience, it is necessary for the classes to be taught in a group environment.

Mystical Magus

The Mystical Magus information is a personal study that is delivered in a group environment. It’s method is, when seeing an issue or something that is external to yourself and needs changing, to internalize it in order to change it within yourself. And finally to reissue it outside of yourself in order to change your environment. It is a powerful study and meant for those that are most dedicated. It’s result is a significant increase of awareness which then permits you to beneficially influence your environment.

The Mystical Magus teachings started in 1987 when Julian began delivering the information to Sam Holland. Sam, under the direction of June and Julian, began a full Mystical Magus class three years later. The Mystical Magus information is the higher vibration of the Transition Energy and is closely tied to the Transition Energy information. Therefore both disciplines need to be studied in order derive their full benefit. It is not unusual for the classes to take over 10 years due to the density of the information and the personal transformations that occur.

Practical Magus

The Practical Magus study is designed for persons who recognize there is a divinity within them and are seeking to develop a higher state of being. It is a dedicated study for those who have positive intent that are seeking a partnership with The Divine to achieve positive manifestation in the world.   Recognizing there is a world of the unseen, as well as the world we perceive with our physical senses, the student of the Practical Magus study learns to achieve a higher use of their senses to experience and participate in the world of the unseen.  The work and study of the Practical Magus involves developing a harmonic balance  within the self and the detachment from ego to create the condition where the Divine Force can be focused and directed to achieve one’s purpose. The practical magus classes teach the ability to deliver the principles of transformation. The practitioner actively works with the direction of the transformative powers.

This is a dedicated study that takes a phased approach in its teachings. The first several classes are theoretical exploring the principles and qualities of the elements, light, universal principles, and the spiritual dimensions. Following the theoretical curriculum are lessons for the development of mental, spiritual/psychic, and physical abilities. These abilities are used to balance the self, understand and control the forces you are working with, altering yourself, and your environment. It takes several years to complete the entire study. The course requires active participation from the students, the more diligently a student practices the lessons the greater the personal accomplishments will be.

A short history of the practical magus classes:

In April, 1996 June Burke began teaching the Practical Magus studies. June would deliver the class lecture and exercises and Julian would contribute meditations. Unlike previous classes where Julian presented 100% of the material, these lessons were taught in partnership.  A total of 87 lessons were taught by June Burke. Active studies continue in New York, California, and Michigan.

Students of the practical magus studies will find parallels in the study of Hermetics, Alchemy, Qabalah, Wiccan and Druid practices.