Change of location for the 17th Gathering

The location for the 17th Gathering has been changed. The original venue could not accommodate us. The good news is that we have found a new location with lower prices. The bad news is that the new location is a bit farther from Portland. The dates have not changed; we’re still on for September 19-21. You may view or download…

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Tolovanna Inn Photo

17th Gathering of Light

The 17th Gathering of Light will be held on September 19, 20 and 21, 2014 at the Tolovana Inn in beautiful Cannon Beach, Oregon. Click the title or image to get all of the details, including a registration form. Please register by April 15, 2014. That date should be easy to remember!


The 16th Gathering of Light was a Great Success!

Thank you, Blanche Duffy, for coordinating this wonderful weekend. And, thank you to all who attended – about 50 folks from points near and far. We had a wonderful weekend filled with new information, with laughter, sharing and love. The classes were interesting, the camaraderie, the best you can ask for! Jeanne Livingston created a beautiful altar for our opening…

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16th Gathering of Light

16th Annual Julian Gathering Kingston, New York October 25th to 27th, 2013 “Let Peace and Harmony Prevail” The Seraph Julian and teacher June Burke practiced and taught Peace and Harmony throughout the years. Thinking before acting was their constant reminder to us as they cautioned that we consider what possibilities there were before sounding the cry of “charge”. And…as we all know,…

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16th Gathering of Light Registration Form

 16th Annual Julian Gathering Registration Form Garden Plaza Hotel   (Formerly Holiday Inn) 503 Washington Avenue Kingston, New York October 25-26-27, 2013 To register for this year’s Gathering, download the registration form, print it, fill out the form, and send the form with your check as indicated on the form. Please note: Use Adobe Reader to open the PDF file after…

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The 14th Gathering of Light: September 23-25, 2011

Close to ‘Asilomar’ is Point Lobos, CA Release the Magic Within Our dear friend the Seraphim Julian repeatedly told us, “There is a future and it is good.”  Join us at the 14th Gathering of Light as we participate in the creation of the future.   Please join us as we make friends with and joyfully Release the Magic Within. The…

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13th Gathering of Light Focus…

I received an email from Saul Srour not too long ago about the next Gathering of Light, and he states the following: ~ 2010 brings an unprecedented astrological configuration that will result in global and personal transformation over the next several years. This time more than ever, its important to gather with like minded Light Workers to share questions, observations…

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13th Gathering

The 13th Gathering of Light will be held at New York State Bear Mountain Park on September 10-12, 2010. Download the flyer for more information.

The Gathering of Light?

Many of you already know about the Gathering of Light, an event that happens every year and that provides those that are interested in, or even involved in, the Julian Teachings to get together. To meet face to face. To share, to catch up… I would say that right now, the Gathering of Light is the biggest event that we,…

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The location…

The Overlook Lodge where the next Gathering of Light will take place, is part of the Bear Mountain Inn, located in Bear Mountain State Park. As the name suggests, it has beautiful views overlooking Hessian Lake… Here are some links to it: We hope to see you there in September!