by Reverend June K. Burke

June Burke, internationally known lecturer, author, and deep-trance medium, has channeled an angelic force named Julian for over 30 years. Julian has been a bridge between the etheric and physical worlds since the beginning of time. There is much to learn from his broader perspective.

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Books and Booklets

You Are Unique

You Are Unique

The dictionary defines unique as: one and only—sole—without like or equal-very unusual. Yet this very separateness acts as an attraction to other unique energies. Uniqueness is the essence of the individual. Through it they express themselves and fulfill themselves. In a world in which the goal seems to be to become like everyone else, it is important to recognize this inner quality. Knowing your own specialness lets you open to others without fearing rejection or having the need to dominate a situation. The uniqueness of an individual works beyond the ego personality aspect, acting as a strength and a anchor for them. A great self-help book that works with the positive aspects of the self rather then tearing the individual apart.

ISBN # 0-929377-03-6 $9.95

Creation, Its Laws, and You

Creation, Its Laws, and You

Creation, Its Laws, and You

Man has struggled for ages to understand Creation through science and theology. This book opens the reader to new comprehension of the movements and the structure of creation and its governing laws of perpetuation. The laws, their purpose, and how to use their energy is explained. Through understanding these, the universe begins to make more sense and we can work more efficiently within it.

ISBN # 0-929377-01-X $9.95

Book: Self-Discovery & Manifestation

Self Discovery & Manifestation

Self discovery and manifestation does not mean the contemplation of the navel, the shutting out of the world, or tearing apart of the self. Thus the opening sentence of “Self Discovery & Manifestation” begins the journey of realization for the reader. In a non-destructive manner, it lets the reader see himself and how he creates his life; then encourages him to positive change where needed. This is both a spiritual and common sense self-help book. This is a one-of-a-kind book that encourages change from within. It is succinctly written and powerful in its insight.

ISBN # 0-929377-00-1 $9.95

Booklet: Reincarnation


This booklet answers questions about reincarnation, including how it works, and our responsibilities within it.

ISBN # 0-929377-02-8 $4.95

Booklet: Meditation

Introduction to Meditation

This booklet teaches the use of meditation as a spiritual tool. It helps the individual find the method of meditation best suited to them and introduces them to the esoteric vocabulary often used.

ISBN#0-929377-07-9 $4.95

Booklet: Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

A new look at what soul growth is. How it works and how to use it to release yourself from the struggle within is taught. Insightful and meditative.

ISBN#0-929377-06-0 $4.95

Booklet: Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Problem solving is made easier through new understanding of what a problem is and how to change the circumstances and attitudes around it.

ISBN#0-929377-05-2 $4.95