Self Development

Opening to the Voice Within

Dealing with the demands of active lives can sometimes be intimidating! Work, kids, and relationships all pull on us, vying for our attention and energy. Often these segments of our lives not only appear to be separate; they appear to be in conflict with each other. And yet, through the bustle of the day-to-day existence is another voice, quiet but compelling, a voice of peace and wholeness. A mesmerizing voice that offers to give, without exacting repayment. It is the voice of the Higher Self. It is for the nourishment and growth of that voice that the Self Awareness Development Class was conceived. (Note: This is sometimes referred to as “Self Awareness” or “Self Awareness Development”.)

What is the Self Development Class?

[Self Development Class] “is developing an awareness of yourself; from that, an ability to balance the self; and from that balance, an ability to see the relationship to the rest of the universe. From the relationship to the universe, there is an ability to cross beyond the universe into the source of energy. You are really being trained, not to develop your psychic senses, but to develop your sensitivity to knowing, and there is a difference. One is a treasure hunt; the other an acceptance.” – Julian

The Self Development Classes are a series of lectures and exercises that are based on logic and self-awareness. They provide a set of practical tools that help you connect to the voice within. Meditation, affirmation, and creative visualization are among the tools used in a vibrant, enjoyable format to help you manifest your full potential as a human being. Through the various Julian led meditations your spiritual Teachers and Guides will come forward to work with you.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

What are the Benefits of Self Development Classes?

There is an enormous source of power within everyone just waiting to be tapped and used in every aspect of life. Instead of rushing through a daily routine, struggling to stay afloat, you will be shown how to open to a sense of peace and confidence that may have eluded you until now.

When you follow the process of these classes, you will find an amazing fountain of intuition and knowing springing forth into your life. As you learn to trust this intuitive self, solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems appear—as though from nowhere.

“You [will or] have been working with the balancing of yourself and the polarity of yourself for a long time and you are ready to know, to know without knowing, so to speak.” – Julian

As you allow yourself to access the center deep within, you will find that people respond to the Light you emanate. Even people who have seemed difficult in the past will begin to have a friendlier attitude and appear willing to meet you in a peaceful space.

Certainly, there are no magic fixes or shortcuts. It takes work on your part to allow yourself the freedom to let go of old stumbling blocks. Each day brings a new opportunity to make a free will choice to stay centered. As you continue practicing and applying the techniques of these classes, you establish a pattern of staying centered, making it easier and easier to remain in this powerful state of awareness.

Focus of the Self Development Classes

The Self Development Classes are built upon a foundation of self-realization through inner exploration. To tap into a place so deep we must be able to see clearly and hear beyond the noise of our daily lives. We use tools such as meditation and creative visualization to quiet our minds so we have a chance to listen to the wisdom that lies dormant in us waiting to be re-awakened.

Although the Self Development Classes are subtly powerful, they are also great fun. Laughter is essential in a happy and well-balanced life. It sets the tone of our journey. It traverses a path of power and joy. This joy permeates every aspect of our lives because when our senses are opened the world becomes new again—fresh, vibrant, and exciting!

Julian & June K. Burke

Magnificent energies permeate the more subtle levels of existence. One of these energies comes to us in the form of an entity, a Seraph of the highest angelic realm, who goes by the name of Julian. His wisdom and teachings were channeled for over 40 years through our teacher, June K. Burke.

After a near-death experience while in her thirties, Julian made himself known to June. Julian developed several classes over the years to give people various complementary techniques to follow. This diversity allows people to discover their personal path of knowledge and freedom. The Development class was specifically constructed by Julian to help people from all backgrounds and disciplines to discover their true nature and permit their unfoldment.

Although June has departed the earthly plane, the teachings of Julian still continue. Teachers trained and authorized by Julian make this knowledge available to all who are ready to take the next step in their personal growth.