How June and Julian Began

This recording was done in June, 1999 in Michigan during a public workshop. In it, June tells about how she and Julian came to work together. At the end of this recording, Julian enters and introduces himself to the group.

And here is more background, again in June’s words.

My association with Julian took a long time to build. It was forming even before I was totally aware of his presence. As a child, I was psychic. I knew who was on the telephone before it was answered. I knew when packages were going to arrive before the mail was delivered. I thought everybody did. Somewhere along the way, probably because of peer pressure, I ceased to use my ability. It was not intentional. It just happened. Some twenty-six years later, I would again remember the gift.

It was when my third child was born, that my awareness was put in motion again. Six hours after delivering a beautiful son, I had a postpartum hemorrhage. Veins collapsed and I had the death experience. How does one describe dying? I would have to describe it as the most beautiful experience I have had in this lifetime. I experienced the tunneling into light and witnessed color spectrums beyond those we understand. Take our known color spectrum and amplify it one hundred-fold and you might come close. We just do not have the magnificent kaleidoscope I witnessed there. The most beautiful part of the experience was that I was separate from nothing. I was one with everything in existence. I became aware of the white light and a voice. When asked if I wished to fulfill my destiny, I agreed. I had not the faintest idea what that meant at the time. What could it possibly mean but the chance to raise my son? Once I agreed to the destiny, I was turned around, no longer able to look into that world. Now I found myself looking down into the hospital room, watching the two teams of doctors and nurses working on me. I knew it was me, but felt no emotional attachment at all. As I watched I became aware of the compassion on the faces of those working on me. Immediately, the thought came that I had to go back and tell them it was okay, that I did not hurt anymore. With the thought, came the return to the body, surgery and recovery. Now the search began.

God had always been a presence in my life, but now I wanted a more intimate realization of the God within. I wanted to know more about the world I had seen. I remembered that psychic side of myself and wished to understand it more fully. The quest began. The path led to meditation, and the meditation to the development of the deep trance work. During meditation I was prepared physically and emotionally for a safe and smooth merger of the energies that would permit us to work as a team.

J. K. Burke