The Great American Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017

Eleanor Johnson, Astrologer

by Eleanor Johnson

Eclipses make things happen. They can bring about changes in the world

Total Solar Eclipse

and changes within ourselves. It sheds light on situations in the world and within ourselves that need exposure.

This solar eclipse occurs in the sign of Leo. The planetary ruler of this solar eclipse is the Sun, the most powerful force in the Universe. Leo is a regal sign. It is the sign of self-expression and creativity. This will give us the ability to express our greatest creative potential. The eclipse will encourage us to become aware of our creative abilities within that may be dormant. We can become conscious of what they are and express those talents with confidence, determination, courage, and joy.

The solar eclipse is conjunct the fixed star, Regulus, which is the brightest of the fixed stars. This is preparing mankind for a higher vibration in consciousness. It can enable us if we choose to express the higher vibrations of this sign, which are courage, self-respect, dignity, and integrity.

The Sun cannot shine for itself alone. Allow your light to shine out to others and to the world. The sign Leo rules the heart center. Bring to the world and for all humanity, an understanding heart.

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