#202 Dream Symbology and Interpretation

This workshop is a collection of 4 recordings providing nearly seven and half hours of in depth instruction on how to analyze your dreams. Aspects of the sleep state are explained and levels of dreams are explored in detail. Instructions for remembering your dreams and how to understand what you are experiencing in the dream states are given. Julian reveals how dreams are another mode for your higher-self, higher-mind, to communicate with you and help you understand yourself and the universe around you. Every symbol in a dream is important and needs to be understood for the interpretation of the dream to be clear. Symbols such as colors, numbers, gems, water, fire, wind, earth, plants and animals and what they mean when they are encountered are examined in detail. Even placement of the symbols are given meaning. What I found delightful in these series of recordings were the brief, somewhat off-topic discussions where Julian reveals a bit of wisdom or explains the workings of some part of the non-corporeal existence.

The recording is fair to good with some background noise. Julian’s voice is clear and most questions can be heard clearly. The recording was done in March of 1986 in New York City with the consumer technology available at that time.

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