Two Final Introductions for The 18th Gathering of Light


Larry Scheer has been practicing and teaching metaphysics his entire adult life. He has worked with the teachings of the Seraph Julian and June Burke for over 35 years. He is a Julian community leader in California. He shares the leadership  of the Julian Teachings organization with Camille Albrecht.

He teaches the Development, Self Awareness, and Practical Magus classes created by June and Julian. He also teaches Tarot classes and dream interpretation to his colleagues.

At the age of 19, in 1976, Larry began his study of meditation and self-hypnosis with Archie Mulvena while serving in the United States Navy, submarine service. In January of 1977 Larry began his studies of astrology, Tarot, and divination with Georgia Hughes. He joined the Charleston, South Carolina chapter of the Theosophical Society the same year.

In August 1978, at the age of 21, he met June K. Burke and the Seraph, Julian. Larry would attend every Julian workshop he could whenever he had leave from his duties. A strong bond of friendship was formed between Larry, June, and Julian. This bond would grow and eventually span the continent.

In the fall of 1980 Archie introduced Larry to Sam Holland. He joined Sam’s meditation group and another lifelong friendship was formed. He continued to attend Julian work­shops in upstate New York as often as he could. In 1981 Archie, Georgia, and Larry introduced Sam Holland to June Burke.

In the fall of 1981 June agreed to come to California with Georgia. That fall Julian began teaching workshops and classes on a regular basis on the West Coast. In 1982 Julian gave the first Transition Energy class in Larry’s home. June and Julian would continue coming to California until the seventh Gathering of Light 2004.

Larry has studied all of the formal Julian Teachings. He completed the Transition Energy classes, Development classes, and Practical magus classes taught by June and Julian. He studied Julian’s Mystical magus classes, delivered by Sam Holland, for seven years.

He has been teaching the Development Classes since 1994 and Practical magus classes since 1996. In 2010 he completed certifying seven new teachers to teach Julian’s Self Awareness Series.

When not teaching metaphysics, fishing, playing guitar, hiking and dancing with his lovely wife Linda, or practicing Tai Chi, Larry works as a software developer in Silicon Valley.

Larry’s book, Tarot; A Bridge on the Road of Life  is available for purchase from Larry at The Gathering.

Roberta Costisick

Roberta Costisick has a successful practitioner of healing for over thirty years. Her interest in herbal healing began with her father. He was of American Indian decent. He was more likely to put black salve on my scrapes then traditional medicine.Roberta Costisick

Roberta graduated from college with a 3.9 GPA in Early Childhood Education. She decided to open a holistic preschool as she continued my education. Roberta taught the children and parents about eating and preparing healthy meals.

Roberta then went on to be an practicing herbalist. After people are told that the medical community has nothing left of offer they turn to natural remedies. She has a remarkable gift of formulating and following the guidance of the nature spirits. This is important because so few people can hear the gifts Mother Nature has to share with all of her children.

Roberta found June and was invited to join the Julian community. Julian would refer clients to me and she was honored. June asked Roberta to speak at the very first Gathering of Light.  June was supportive and assured me Roberta would be able to present an informative, successful presentation. Roberta was very nervous, as she usually operates in the background or one on one with clients. The session was a great success; one attendees still talk about!

Last year, Roberta was asked to speak again at the 17th Gathering of Light in New York. Her programs are so well researched and received that Roberta was asked to speak again at the 18th Gathering of Light in Muskegon, MI.

This year, Roberta plans to speak about dis-ease in the body. She will discuss and suggest herbs and vitamins that keep us healthy. Several other topics Roberta will discuss includes the use of sugar substitutes, heart disease and diabetes.

She looks forward to seeing the Julian Community members again as much as we are looking forward to seeing her!

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