The 18th Gathering of Light Update

Hello! I’d like to introduce you to the people involved in putting together this year’s Gathering. As they say, “It takes a village.” And we have one awesome village, indeed! I’ll begin with the coordinators, Elaine Harsch and me; although more info on Elaine will follow in an upcoming email. Elaine and I worked well together to coordinate The 15th Gathering held in Michigan and decided to team up again.

I’ll introduce you to the folks who are creating the buttons, providing the entertainment (!), putting folders together, creating the altar, seeking out items for the goodie bags – and that’s just to name a few. I’ll also introduce you to our speakers and their topics. What a stellar line-up we have! I know you’ll find our topics timely, diverse and fascinating.

But first, remember that a $100 deposits is due by April 15th. Download the 2015 Gathering Registration Form, fill it out, and mail with your deposit. Detailed instructions are on the form.

On with the introductions!

Most of you know me, Camille Albrecht. I’m providing overall coordination of the event with Elaine. As co-chair of the

Camille Albrecht

Camille Albrecht

Julian Teachings Organization with Larry Scheer, it is my honor and privilege to host this year’s Gathering.  Over the years, I’ve transcribed many of the workshops, Self Awareness and Practical Magus classes. That labor of love taught me the material at a very deep level. I’ve taught these for many years as well.  As I told a dear friend last week, the Julian Teachings course through my veins. They are a living, breathing part of me. In addition, I am a professional astrologer, channel (medium), kabbalist and tarot reader. My spouse, Richard Grescowle is also a long-term Julian Teachings student and teacher. We both look forward to continuing our spiritual journey with you and are always open to your suggestions, observations and questions.

Presenting a class on Mindfulness is Lisa Cobb, LMSW. Lisa is a Licensed Therapist, School Social Worker and Speaker who teaches her clientele techniques to release limiting beliefs and behaviors Lisa Cobb, Speakerimpeding their emotional and physical well-BEing. With 30 years of experience in various settings, Lisa has witnessed life changing transformations, in herself and others, when utilizing the participatory modalities of Mindfulness and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping). Lisa is engaging, realistic and humble as she helps those who are ready to make healthier choices in their lives. Lisa has participated in the Julian teachings for 15 years. In her class for The Gathering, she will be discussing how Mindfulness and EFT practices fit BEAUTIFULLY in with our Spiritual journey’s and the Julian practices.


Many of you know Mimi Kunz from past Gatherings. She will be putting together handouts and folders, and be part of the

Mimi Kunz welcoming committee at Shoreline Inn. Mimi has been involved with the Julian Community since the last 1980’s. She is certified to teach the Self Development classes. Mimi was owner of Crosswind’s Restaurant, a favorite of local Julian Community members and of June Burke’s. We shared much love, laughter and great meals with June at Crosswinds over the years. Thank you, Mimi!





Please contact Camille Albrecht at camille at or for more information. We look forward to seeing you in October!


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