Extra Activities Pre and Post Gathering

West Michigan has a lot to offer. We have the beautiful Lake Michigan coastline, with hiking and biking trails that traverse the State. Grand Rapids’ Art Prize is an imagesinternationally acclaimed art competition that takes place annually in late summer. The entire town is decorated inside and out with magnificent, one of kind pieces of art. Even the Grand River has been host to its own water dragon.



How many of you would be interested in touring Art Prize the Monday after The Gathering? We could even arrange a guided tour it there is enough interest. Here are some of the past entries. You can Google Art Prize Winners for more photos of these stunning works of art. Here’s last year’s winner. The metal work in the center cast beautiful images throughout this room when sunlight came through the windows.

anila_q_agha_intersections-1200-x-742Entire buildings become the artists pallette. This glistening mural has made its permanent home at the Cultural Center in downtown Grand Rapids.artprize-2011-mural-gene-parker  Art Prize is a delight to the senses. It opens up all new kinds of possibilities in the world of art. And,  for three weeks each year, the top West Michigan news stories on TV, the radio and in the papers is all about art. How can you top that!

Another great way to spend your pre or post Gathering time is to take a hike in Hoffmaster Park on the shores of Lake Michigan. Hoffmaster Park is just a few miles from the Shoreline Inn, where the Gathering will be held.


Weather permitting, we could arrange a group hike Friday afternoon before the Gathering. If people are interested, we could plan a picnic lunch on the beach. Hoffmaster offer offers 1200 acres of wooded hoffmastertrails, beach hikes and picnic areas.

Or, rent a bike and take a relaxing  ride on the Hart – Montague Bike Trail. There are plenty of places to stop and rest, grab a quick iced tea or ice cream cone before hitting the trail again. We have kayaking on our beautiful inland lakes or the White Pine River.

Plan on extended your stay and enjoying some of the treasures West Michigan has to10-picnic-area-hart-montague-trail offer. If there’s interest, I’ll be happy to arrange some group activities. Encourage others to attend and we’ll have a most fabulous time together.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Love, Light and Laughter,


This could be you!



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