The JTO Co-Leader and Advisory Board Activities

The co-leaders of the The Julian Teaching Organization (JTO) and the members of its Advisory Board introduced themselves to you in our recent website posts. We’d like you to know more about us, including how and why the Board was formed, and what the co-leaders and the Advisory Board activities are. We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

The JTO Advisory Board was formed in 2005 after June Burke made her transition. Plans for creating an advisory board occurred many years beforehand.

In the late 1990’s, Saul Srour accepted June’s and Julian’s request that he assume responsibility as the guardian of all the June and Julian teaching material when June passed. Prior to her passing, June, Julian and Saul had many conversations about the guardianship. This included plans to form an advisory board to assist Saul in his Julian teachings responsibilities. All three discussed who would be invited to participate on that initial advisory board. It was formed, as planned, upon June’s transition.

One of the first recommendations of the Advisory Board was to form The Julian Teachings Organization (JTO) to assist in the preservation and distribution of the teachings. As result, The JTO Advisory Board was created. It’s purpose was and remains today to, upon request, advise and assist the leader(s) of the JTO and the guardian of the June and Julian material in matters related to the teachings. The Board is strictly advisory in nature. Final decisions are made exclusively by the JTO leader(s) and Julian Teachings Guardian.

Initially, Saul was both the JTO leader and guardian of the materials. In the Spring of 2013, Saul passed the leadership of JTO to Camille Albrecht and Larry Scheer, who accepted the position as co-leaders. In addition, over the years the members of the Advisory Board have changed. Information about current Board Members was provided recently on this website.

Since its inception, the JTO Advisory Board activities include these accomplishments and ongoing projects:


1. Develop a Julian Teachings Organization Vision and Mission statement

2. Support Saul in digitizing the Julian teachings for preservation of the material

3. Ensure all June and Julian Teachings Material are copyrighted as appropriate

4. Support Denny Brown in designing the Julian Teachings website

5. Create a presence on Facebook both as a Facebook page (Julian Teachings) and as a Facebook group (Julian Teachings Community)

6.  Develop a mechanism to better coordinate the Healing List (Mailchimp)

7.  Survey the Julian Community as to ideas for location and topics of future Gatherings (this has been done twice and will continue intermittently)


Projects with Goal Completion Dates:

1. Research the best way to incorporate a shopping cart on the JT website for people to easily order and download a workshop by Fall 2014

2. Provide the chosen shopping cart option on the JT website by Fall 2014

3. Research the best way to store the audios of the JT in a cloud for archiving and to allow people to easily purchase by Fall 2014

4. Store the audios in a cloud by Spring 2014

5. Work to preserve in video format the Julian Healing Techniques as taught to Adele Lederman by December 2014

6.  Investigate and determine tax exempt status for the JTO by mid-2015

7.  Coordinate the transfer of VHS tapes of Julian workshops into DVD format by mid-2015


Projects that are Continuous:

1. Communicate with the Julian Teachings Community through website, Facebook postings and mailings regarding:

  • classes offered and teacher information
  • access to the Julian Workshops and other teachings
  • information about community activities
  • information about each Gathering
  • encouraging dialogue and activities between community members

2. Market the Julian Teachings material in a way that is respectful and user friendly

3. Explore equipment needs, website design and security, software needs

4. Survey the Julian Community as to needs and suggestions

5.  Assist in distribution of the ROL

6.  Oversee The Gathering: select organizers and assist them as needed

Your input is valued! Please contact Larry Scheer: or Camille Albrecht: with your comments, questions and observations.


  1. I am interested in joining a group that involves the teachings of Julian and June. I used to go to June’s house for reading by Julian many years ago. I now live in Dutchess County and would love to join a group with like minded individuals.

  2. Hi Anna:
    there are two possible situations for you to look into.

    First is a Sunday group that meets at:
    They review Julian workshops, discussions about same and have a Healing circle.

    Second: Nick Theo ( has been teaching Julian classes and others via teleconference.

    In Light, Peace & Love
    Saul Srour

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