Vision and Mission of the Julian Teachings Organization

image_13420049591221342004961Dear Julian Community Members,

Recently, Saul Srour announced that we, Camille Albrecht and Larry Scheer, are co-leaders of the Julian Teachings Organization. Now that we have stepped into these roles, we want you to know who we are and our objectives for the Organization. That’s why we sent you our background information a few weeks ago. This letter is to apprise you of our initial goals and plans.

First and foremost, we want you to know we are here to serve you and to preserve the Julian Teachings. Our belief is that June put a structure into place to be a focal point from where her work could continue to give you and new members the teachings and wisdom in her absence. We see this adventure as a work of cooperation between ourselves and between community members.

Several years ago, the Julian Advisory Board, along with community members developed the Organization’s Vision and Mission Statements. These will be our guiding principles:

Vision Statement

The vision of The Julian Teachings Organization is to encourage spiritual development and increase the awareness of individuals by enabling an experience of the metaphysical teachings of Reverend June K. Burke and the Seraph, Julian.

In doing so, the organization endeavors to preserve, promote, and disseminate the teachings with utmost respect. The Julian Teachings organization will continue for as long as it serves the purpose of aiding those who sincerely seek a higher level of consciousness.

It is our hope that a vibrant network of light grows internationally from the sparks of love, light, and life that have already been sown; a network that will encourage a healthful renewal and balance of the Earth itself and all humankind. For, we are dedicated to fostering peace and unity through the enlightenment of self, humanity, and the universe as a whole through partnership with the divine creative force.

Mission Statement

To fulfill this vision, the mission of The Julian Teachings Organization is threefold:

. To provide a progressive, accessible vehicle for the awareness, study and practice of the teachings of Rev. June K. Burke and the Seraph, Julian

. To provide a structure for sharing ideas and techniques

. To encourage members to network with one another in the spirit of loving kindness and camaraderie.

We will aid individuals and groups in their efforts to meet their full potential and live a balanced life by providing the lessons, tools, and processes necessary to accomplish these goals. Our work will be guided by the ethics, principles, and application of the teachings.

Our Priorities:

Our top priority is to increase communication between the leadership of the Julian Teachings Organization and the Julian Community, and to encourage increased communication between community members. To accomplish this, we will send out occasional emails and write regular columns for the Ring Of Light to apprise you of our ongoing activities and those of the Advisory Board. We will also apprise you of activities in our community related to the teachings. We will increase our presence on the website and on our two Facebook pages. In turn, we ask for your feedback, questions, comments and observations.

If you are on Facebook, please “like” Julian Teachings. And, contact Camille at to be invited to join the closed FB group, “Julian Teachings Community”. If you are not on Facebook, consider joining and connect with us there!

Our next priority is to address having The Gathering of Light 2013. We are actively working with Blanche Duffy in this regard. We appreciate all of you who gave us venue suggestions.

We believe the community and the public in general would be best served by making the teachings of June and Julian easier to find and obtain. As a priority, we are renewing the efforts to get a shopping cart on the Julian Teachings web site so that books, CDs, and transcripts are easy to locate and purchase.

Another priority is to create and implement 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 3 year and 5 year plans for the organization. We will work closely with the Advisory Board to accomplish this.

In our next communication, we plan to introduce you to the members of the Julian Teaching Advisory Board to learn about their backgrounds. Current members are Saul Srour, Linda Scheer, Anne Claire Venemans, Nicholas Theo and Denny Brown. We’ll advise you of what the board has accomplished to date and what we are currently working on.

In order for this endeavor to thrive we need to work with you as a team. We are excited to begin a new chapter of working together to bring June and Julian’s teachings to future generations. Please let us know where you need assistance and what areas need attention. As you examine your area, also look to ways you can contribute to the Julian Community. We’ll be offering suggestions soon and look forward to hearing yours as well.

Please send us your questions, concerns, and observations. We look forward to working with you.


Camille Albrecht                                              Larry Scheer              





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