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Dear Julian Community members,

Since June Burke made her transition in 2005, we, Larry Scheer and Camille Albrecht, have served on the advisory board to Saul. As you may know, Camille and her husband, Richard Grescowle along with Larry and his wife, Linda Scheer,  are part of the line of succession set up by June and Julian for the guardianship of the Julian Teachings. Camille and Larry recently accepted the honor and responsibility of co-leadership of the Julian Teachings Organization. We decided to share the leadership in order to participate in a manner that will allow us to keep balance within our lives at this time.

We’d like you to know a bit about each of us, how we got started with metaphysics, June and Julian, and what we do today.


Camille Albrecht and Larry Scheer


From Camille Albrecht

Richard Grescowle and I married in 1978 and began our metaphysical journey in 1979. We studied writings of Edgar Cayce and from The Theosophic Society. I also began to study astrology. Richard and I were introduced to the Julian Teachings through Miriam Chandler in 1982. Miriam formed a study group in Lansing, Michigan. Each week, we’d listen to and then discuss a Julian workshop. We were hooked! A year later, Miriam began teaching us Julian’s Self Development Classes. In the mid-1980’s, June began her annual trips to Michigan to provide Julian workshops and readings. My friendship with and love for June and Julian deepened over the years, as did my love for the teachings.

Richard and I moved to Whitehall, Michigan in 1986. We completed both Self Development and Practical Magus studies. I’m in the process of completing Mystical Magus and will soon begin Transition Energy (that’s reversed order, I know!) Once in Whitehall, Richard and I began teaching our own Self Development Group.

After Miriam’s transition in 1996, my work with June expanded. I continued Miriam’s work of transcribing the Self Development Classes and numerous Julian workshops. This became a real mission of mine. I dedicated about 20 hours a week for years to accomplish this task. June called it “a labor of love”, and it was. I absolutely loved transcribing the classes and workshops. If you have ever transcribed a class, you know how intimately you come to know the material. It flows through your blood! And that’s what happened with me. The teachings became a living, breathing part of me. I then worked with June to develop the Self Development Series, which is the format used today to teach the Self Development studies.

June made our home her destination for the annual Michigan visits. Richard and I hosted Julian workshops and readings, along with many barbecues, picnics and all around fun times. In turn, I made annual visits to June’s home, to progress the work and to enjoy our friendship. Richard and I cherish the memories of our time with June and Julian.

It’s been my honor and privilege to teach over a dozen Self Development groups these past 17 years. I continue to teach Self Development and Practical Magus classes at home and through long distance learning. Many of my students are now qualified as teachers and will be offering additional in-person and long distance classes.

Along with my Julian Teachings commitments, I have also maintained a full-time job. The skills I’ve learned are fitting for my role as co-leader. For about 15 years, I worked with the Michigan Department of Corrections. I began in 1977 as a probation officer and was later promoted to Manager of Field Services Training. Here, I was responsible for all new employees and ongoing training of 1,200 employees throughout the State of Michigan, from clerical to the Director. My staff and I traveled throughout the country learning new programs, working with consultants and bringing new skills back home.

In 1985, I was promoted to Warden’s Assistant at the Michigan Training Unit; and then to Supervisor of a community based prison in for 100 prisoners and 200 parolees. In 1989, I accepted a promotion to Assistant Deputy Warden at the Brooks Facility. The prison was under construction when I took the post. This position entailed the initial planning and development of a 1,200 bed prison for adult male felons. Part of a five- person team, we designed prison policies and procedures, ordered all supplies and equipment, designed programs and hired staff. Once the prison opened, I managed a staff of 50 employees who ran the prison’s inmate programs.

For many years, I taught Criminal Justice at the Muskegon Community College.

I had one foot in the prison system and the other in the world of metaphysics. While Deputy at Brooks, I was concurrently developing my business as a medium, an astrologer, and metaphysical teacher. I’ve been psychic since childhood and began channeling the Master Teacher, Aca’u in 1982. By 1995, I was a professional astrologer and practiced tarot. I taught meditation and Julian’s Self Development classes. The prison world and that of a practicing medium were not in sync in the ‘80’s! I had to make a tough decision. In Corrections, I had a well-paying, highly responsible and within the Department, a prestigious position. Yet, I felt a deep need to follow my own true path. Against most everyone’s advice, and much to the surprise of my superiors, colleagues and staff, I left the Department to work in an environment more accepting of my calling. That environment was Catholic Charities.

In my job interview with Catholic Charities, I told the director about my “side job” in metaphysics and it was accepted, as long as I kept the two jobs separate. In 1993, I began working at Catholic Charities in child abuse prevention. My job was to recruit and license foster homes and to ensure the safety of the children in those homes. After about 10 years, I gradually decreased my hours there until my career as an astrologer, medium, kabbalist and spiritual teacher was able to sustain me. In 2007, I left Catholic Charities to work full-time in my current practice, Pathfinders.

I come from a strong background in the Julian Teachings, in training, program development, and in management. I also have more to learn and plan to do so every day. As co-leader of the Julian Teachings Organization, my goal is to serve the Julian Community and to ensure that the Julian Teachings remain available to those interested in enlightenment.



  1. It is a most remarkable background. I am amazed and intrigued with all that you have done. I will continue to recommend you to some of my friends.
    Thank you so much for your amazing self.Looking forward to your workshop 2018.
    I remain always in gratitude to you.
    Barbara Seton

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