Announcing new leadership

Dear Julian Community Members,

It is with great pleasure that I introduce Camille Albrecht and Larry Scheer as the new leaders of the Julian community:

Camille and Larry, who agreed to co-lead the Julian Teaching Organization, were June and Julian’s choice to succeed me in the continual guardianship of the Julian materials and as leaders to the Julian community. In the more than thirty years of working closely with them, I have come to respect and honor the commitment and wisdom that Camille and Larry bring to our community. They have shown the love of, respect for, commitment and unwavering devotion to the June and the Julian materials. In addition, June Burke’s children expressed their happiness that Camille and Larry are to co-lead our organization.  I am confident that their leadership and guidance will bring sustained growth and activity to our community.


Camille and Larry pictured at a Gathering.

In Light, Love, Peace & Harmony

Please join me in welcoming Camille and Larry.


The following is their message to you.


Dear Julian Community Members,

We are honored to accept the co-leadership of the Julian Teachings Organization and Julian Community. We did not come to this decision lightly. It took both of us time to meditate and reflect before making a decision because we understand the magnitude of this responsibility. We are here to serve you. Our love and passion is for the perpetuation of the Julian Teachings and strengthening of the Julian Community. It is our goal to see the community thrive.

Over the next few weeks, the two of us will meet to determine how best to proceed. We will share with you our initial plans and direction. We will include some biographical information so you can learn more about us and our backgrounds.

Before June passed on eight years ago, she had set up a succession for the guardianship of the Julian materials and leadership of the Julian community. The order of succession as designated by June was: Saul and Joy, then Camille and Richard, followed by Larry and Linda. She stated everyone has the free will to accept the responsibility or to decline. After careful consideration we, Camille and Larry, decided to share leadership in order to participate in a manner that is in balance with our lives at this time.

Under Julian’s guidance, Saul formed an advisory board to assist and support him and the Julian Teachings Organization. It is our intention to continue working with the advisory board.

Be assured that the class materials, workshop audios, texts from transcribed workshops, and books will remain available. Classes will continue to be taught. When there is a desire for anyone to become part of a new or existing class, please get in touch with us. You will find our email addresses below.

Please join us in thanking Saul for all the time and energy he has devoted to the protection of the Julian materials and the perpetuation of the Julian Teachings. We wish him all the best now that he has retired from his leadership position in the Julian Teachings Organization. Saul will continue as an active, respected member of the Julian Community. Most notably, he will continue to coordinate the healing list as he has done for many years.

We ask for your continued patience as we formulate our plans.

Please feel free to contact either one of us with your questions or comments.


Camille Albrecht                                          Larry Scheer
camille at camillealbrecht dot com                      larry at tarot dot xs dot com

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