There is a divinity …

One of many affirmations given to us by the Seraph, Julian.

“There is a divinity within me that no man can destroy.

There is a light within me that only I can dim.

As I focus upon this light, it is my perfection, my protection, my very being.

It wells within me and fills me,
it surrounds me and protects me;
it releases me from all negativity and permits myself to move forward with
certainty that wholeness and light are mine.

And no thing or being can destroy it, for the Father and I are one and cannot be separated.

I know this with a certainty, I feel it and experience it.

God is, I am, and we are one.”


  1. I saw this affirmation posted on the wall at East-West Center for the Healing Arts many years ago and it spoke to me. And so began my journey.

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