All there is, is Love.

At the closing of the Gathering of Light in 2004, Julian put it all together for us.

Again, from my notes…

“Letting go” is important in this point in time. When you look back, don’t try to bring back.

Say to yourself: The Divine spirit is who I am. From that perspective it is easier to be loving and to be loved. And it is easier to deal with irritants and annoyances.

All there is, is Love.

To love yourself is to recognize your Divinity. To love another is to share your Divinity.

This is a time of great movement; great movement is in yourself.

This is the time to let go of ‘old stuff’ as the universe is pushing you in that direction.
To admit to yourself there is something you don’t need anymore is not a loss; it is a growth factor. There is a future and it is good! Sometimes you have to clear the clutter in ourselves to notice it.

Don’t go to bed on a negative ~ think of at least three positives each day.
The responsibility of receiving joy, is to take it outside of yourself and to share it.

It doesn’t matter where you are; you are it!
Relocation of your mindset is very important. Relocate, be yourself and reach out!

Divine Light is supreme!
Divine Law must be listened to.

Anne Claire