A new mantra…

At the Gathering of Light in September 2003, Julian gave us a new mantra to live by…

Julian started out by saying that the three key words for this day and age are:


Here is what I wrote down of Julian’s talk:

~~ Words are easy, but do you believe or accept what you are saying?

Mentalism is going to be very prominent in this energy. Mind is all! You can think yourself into something, or you can think yourself out of something…

There is the thought, the word and the deed: I think it, I say it, I act it. The thought is the conception, the word is the birth, and the action is to raise the concept.

You have been given the right to design yourselves through thought.

It is your responsibility not to be fearful about it. What happens is not important. How you handle what happens is important!

This energy right now is erasing borders, barriers, fences…

Wake up to the potential that is exposed in this point in time! ~

Curious about this new mantra Julian gave us? Here it is:

“I think I can,
I think I can,
I really think I can!”

Anne Claire